Dokhyi -Tibetan Mastiff 

Red Tibetan Mastiff


Breeding Plans 2020/2021



Happy to announce that in co-opeartion with Akatosh Kennel we plan two exciting litters of Tibetan Mastiff's and a litter of Black Russian Terriers. 

From our Tibetan Mastiff's we will be expecting puppies in almost all colours. 

Our first couple to introduce is Levi & Ren- Puppies are expected around 7th of December










































Gallery of our puppies from previous litters. We are the only UK breeders who bred  MALE JUNIOR WORLD WINNER ! 

J.CH Tiana (Chinese bloodlines)

Tiana, black and tan beautiful Tibetan Mastiff

Ours and our co-owned dogs

Blue & tan Tibetan mastiff, Dokhyi Kham Pelkyi Pema


Lana Russian Black Terrier 



We are located in North Lincolnshire-UK. Anyone who wish to discover the majestic Tibetan Mastiff or just to have a chat about breed is always welcome to visit us. Please use the form to arrange date and time.